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    Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) is in Canada

    Most recent info on Canada’s Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) Canadian business owners thinking about succession plans may be curious about a new option when considering an employee ownership transition; the EOT. Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs) in Canada have been used by business owners as they are shown to facilitate numerous benefits; increased retention, engagement, productivity, and profit. They can also improve the country’s economy by spreading the wealth more fairly, protecting small businesses and local work, and improving resiliency of these businesses. The government has created an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) which comes with tax incentives for business owners who decide the EOT is a fit for their goals.As of January…

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    Recognition and Culture to create Engagement

    As a business owner, you know how important it is to attract and retain top talent, so you’ve created an employee share ownership plan; recognition and engagement are important. This can be a great strategy to offer recognition of employees’ efforts in order to increase engagement and retention. Recognition and Engagement I recently read an article in Benefits and Pensions Monitor called “How recognition bolsters engagement and shields employees from burnout”, which indicated a few things that align with ESOPs. A report from Workhuman and Gallup, ‘Empowering Workplace Culture Through Recognition’ shows employees who believe that recognition is an important part of their organization’s culture are 3.7 times as likely…

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    Should You Make The Scary Switch To Employee Share Ownership (ESOP)?

    Should you make the scary switch to an ESOP?  Or is it a scary switch? There is often a perception that inviting employees into the ownership circle can  take away value, rather than adding value to a company.  When designed well, this is not true at all. In fact, there are many huge advantages for the owner, the company and the employee team. Tema Frank of Frank Reactions interviewed Employee Ownership Specialist, Dan Ohler, from Edmonton, AB to explore these questions. We invite you to grab a cup of coffee, put on your headset, and enjoy the interview.