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    The Conversation Canada is Missing On Minimum Wage

    Recently, B.C., Alberta and Ontario have committed to raising the minimum wage and predictably in all cases, these wage hikes are met with scorn and praise from both sides. While a minimum wage is an essential factor to protect workers and create a minimum standard of living, there is a better solution that Canada should be exploring to help more people build wealth and ensure a competitive economy.

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    12 Successful Strategies for Creating a Participative Environment

    Studies in the United States over the last 40 years have repeatedly identified that an employee share ownership plan (ESOP) with a participation component outperforms one without a participation element. Participation means that the employees take on the responsibility of their particular job as well as the accountability that goes along with it by participating in decision-making in their sphere of influence within the organization. Participation is vital to an ESOP. In fact, the same studies have shown that ESOPs without employee participation might be worse than having no ESOP at all. This negative result has been calculated at upwards of 6% of reduced production. 

  • Canadian employee ownership


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