Our Work

For over 20 years we have been helping Canadian companies make the transition to Employee Ownership. We have worked with companies as small as 6 employees and as large as 1,200 employees and everything in between.

What is common to almost every company we work with is a desire to attract and retain qualified, hardworking and talented staff  and to share the benefits of the business with them.

We are pleased to feature only a few of the companies here that we have helped develop an ESOP for. We hope that their story will give you greater insights into the potential of an ESOP for your business.

When you feel comfortable with it, we invite you to take that next step forward and complete the confidential Feasibility Survey.  Or call us at 1-877-995-3767 to open a dialogue.

ESOP Companies – Case Studies

Banff Caribou Properties

The Chant Group

Ross Video

DST Consulting Engineers

Other Great ESOP Companies who have implemented an ESOP using our process.

Hayes Elevator
NOR-EX Ice Engineering
Benchmark Instrumentation & Analytical Services
Roscoe Postle and Associates Inc
AIC Corp
The Silvacom Group
Genesis Integration

ESOP Testimonials

“ESOP Builders is considered an important component of an effective ESOP development team. We praise your ability to connect with clients and stimulate focussed discussions of ESOP options. As an overarching theme, NOR-EX believes company ownership of an ESOP, including its initial development, is critical to its long-term success.”

Al Fitzgerald, CEO and President
Dana Woodworth, Vice President
NOR-EX Engineering
May 2016