Succession Planning

When you have built a business you are proud of, the decision to exit may be one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. However, succession planning is one of the most key strategies business owners must put in place.

Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs), whether structured as equity, stock option, phantom stock or Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs), are the ideal way for small to medium-sized Canadian business owners to create a succession plan that allows you to realize your earned value while leaving the company you built ready to grow in the hands of your employees. They are also shown to provide a number of additional benefits; increased retention, engagement, productivity, and profit, spreading the wealth more fairly and protecting local businesses.

You don’t have to either close your business, or sell to a stranger. Selling shares to employees offers a win-win solution. We can help you design a three-point exit strategy and succession plan and would always tailor the plan to the unique company and owner.

We ensure:

  1. You get your value out
  2. Your company can sustain itself in the future
  3. Legacy. Preserve the values and ideology your company was built on.

See how a small environmental consulting firm set up their ESOP. Enviro-Stewards Case Study

Succession Planning & EOTs

The Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) structure is in place to provide another alternative for business owners wishing to sell their company to employees as part of their succession planning activities. Learn more.

Our commitment to you: A tailored plan, communicated and implemented well. To learn more about what an ESOP succession plan could look like, contact us today.