In our business fit is everything. That’s why we carefully assess whether ESOPs are right for your company, why we customize ESOP plans to meet individual business needs, and why we align ourselves with the very best in the business. We are committed to the successful implementation of our product and the satisfaction of our clientele—in the spirit of that ongoing commitment, assisting with seamless exit completion and to maximize value creation, we have developed long-term partnerships with the following organizations.

Dale & Lessmann LLP Canadian Counsel

Tracing its origins back over ninety-five years, Dale & Lessmann LLP serves the needs of many leading Canadian and global companies. One constant throughout the years has been their firm’s commitment to excellence, timeliness and outstanding client service.

Kalex Valuations Inc.

Established in 1996, Kalex Valuations Inc. has grown to become a leading boutique provider of independent business valuations, dispute support, tax dispute and transaction advisory services.

Maarschalk Valuations Inc.

Paul Maarschalk’s varied career has largely focused on corporate finance and corporate financial planning. He has worked in Canadian and international companies in financial services, value added agriculture, mining, mineral exploration, marketing, software and banking. He has consulted to all levels of business, from privately owned start ups to publicly traded corporations. The depth and breadth of his career, as well as his education, informs his perspective on business value.

Canadian Western Trust

Owned by Canadian Western Bank, Canadian Western Trust is big enough to provide world-class service but local enough to know their clients by name, with people and personal relationships at the heart of everything they do.

The Achievement Centre (TAC)

TAC provides professional development programs, coaching, and strategic planning to organizations around the world and has developed a reputation for delivering results by focusing on the people side of business. Through TAC’s paced-learning programs, organizations initiate behavioural changes, helping employees reach their full potential.

Business Transitions Plus                                                                                                                              

Dave Sinclair, founder of Business Transitions Plus, approaches the sale of your business from a holistic approach. He works with you, the business owner, to create a personal transition plan ensuring you will lead a meaningful life after leaving the business. At the same time he helps you implement a strategic planning mindset, allowing deeper value to be created in your organizations, and ensure the business is ready for transition when you want, on your terms.


Genbridge is a family office dedicated to bringing order to the financial lives of select people like you. A multi-disciplined and integrated approach ensures that you and your family receive the best guidance in the areas of financial strategy, family governance, business succession, transitioning family wealth, as well as financial administration and management.