Staff review employee ownership culture survey

Employee Ownership Culture Surveys


The Achievement Centre (TAC) created an engagement tool to measure, track and analyze employee engagement in any company. ESOP Builders has partnered with TAC to establish a unique tool to measure, track and analyze ESOP performance.

CORE (Climate, Organization, Relationships, Employees) Strengths is survey developed to measure the attributes that impact employee engagement. CORE4ESOP® has been developed to assist ESOP companies to measure engagement as it relates to the ESOP and provides an overview of employee perception of performance in relation to established ESOP goals. With these perceptions clearly mapped out, issues or gaps are apparent and action plans can be designed to bridge those gaps to create a sustainable Employee Share Ownership Plan that consistently meets its objectives.

CORE4ESOP® is included in Stage 2 of the ESOP Transformation Model™️ and is offered as frequently as needed (such as annually) at an additional cost. It is very versatile and customizable, meaning it can be used alone, work alongside a current engagement tool or work as a replacement employee engagement tool. See how Enviro-Stewards used it to improve employee ownership culture.

Ownership Culture Survey (ES’Ownership’P)

ESOP Builders has partnered with the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) to offer the Ownership Culture Survey in Canada. The survey provides you with concrete data on your ownership culture that you can use to better engage your employee-owners.

Your  survey report will demonstrate how many employees trust the plan, understand their role in creating value, and have the tools, skills, and information to act like owners.

With this data, you can assess company strengths and weaknesses, measure progress over time, set concrete goals, and focus your energy where you’ll get the greatest payoff.

The survey will provide:

  • A descriptive summary of how your company performed, with specific recommendations based on your results
  • An overview chart that shows how your company performed against the database for each question
  • A “best and worst scores” chart
  • A chart that displays what percent of employees are cynics, skeptics, neutral, high potential, or champions when it comes to employee ownership
  • Data charts that give more detailed information on each question, grouped by topic
  • Written responses are categorized by issue (if an open ended-question was included on the survey).
  • Custom Analysis: All survey administrations include 2 hours of additional analysis that companies may use to generate statistics or charts that were not included in the original report, create a PowerPoint presentation or other communication tool, etc.
  • Support: All survey administrations include 60 minutes of consulting to help companies understand and use the survey data.

“The NCEO survey is the best way Web Industries has found to benchmark our employee ownership culture against other ESOPs, identify opportunities for improvements, and drive the 10% year-over-year competitive advantage that research shows ESOPs and high engagement will deliver.” -Michael Quarrey, Web Industries, Inc.

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