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An ESOP (Employee Share Ownership Plan) is a general term to describe a variety of different models: stock equity plans, stock option plans, EVOP™️ (phantom stock plans), and EOT (Employee Ownership Trust) plans.

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    Are you a private company?


    Is any part of the workforce unionized?


    How many employees in your company?

    How many employees do you wish to include in an ESOP?

    What is the approximate annual revenue?

    What is the average annual growth rate in number of employees in percent?

    What industry are you in?

    How many owners are there currently in the company?

    Are these principle shareholders willing to reduce their ownership?


    Have the employees been promised some kind of employee ownership in the past?


    What are the main objectives of the current owner(s) in providing an ESOP?

    Attracting EmployeesRetain EmployeesImprove ProductivityProvide Incentive PlanLeave the BusinessGrow commitment and companyOther response

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    Do you currently distribute corporate financial information to employees?


    Do you have difficulty attracting or retaining key individuals to your company?


    Do you currently have an incentive plan in place?


    What is your exit strategy (ie. Sale, IPO, Merger etc.)?

    IPOMergerSale to management/employeeSale to 3rd partyOther

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    Do you have foreign subsidiaries?


    Are you interested in an EOT (Employee Ownership Trust) in the design of the ESOP?

    EOT rules require sale of a controlling interest.

    Are you willing to sell a controlling interest of your company to the EOT immediately?

    Are you willing to give up control of corporate decision making to the Trustees of the EOT?

    Is it important to you for employees to have financial “skin in the game?

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