Developing Employee Ownership Culture

Once the Employee Share Ownership Plan is implemented, a feat in itself, it must now be maintained and supported to achieve its goals and in turn support an employee ownership culture. ESOPlus® is designed to provide detailed tools and resources to support a developing employee ownership culture and improve activities that facilitate success such as engaging employees and establishing participative practices. These activities are important to consider because ESOPs are meant to be ongoing. ESOPlus® drive higher engagement from employees, attract new talent, retain team members, drive value, and support succession planning.

ESOP companies that have established an employee ownership culture through participation and engagement are more likely to see positive results.

Showing the researched results of successful employee ownership plans

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What’s included after ESOP implementation?

  1. An engagement measurement tool (CORE4ESOP®) to help you track and analyze Plan performance and ensure it is meeting its goals.
  2. Templates and guides that are detailed, clear, engaging, and customizable to help integrate your Plan into other company strategies such as attracting and retaining employees.
  3. A workbook with templates for you to establish your Plan Committee and communication strategy, and set them up for success long-term.
  4. Administration guides and third party portal access for employee visibility of company ownership.
  5. Workshops along with direct access to an ESOP expert to assist the ESOP Committee and employee shareholders as a whole to truly engage and participate in ownership.
  6. Exclusive access to the most recent and relevant data specifically from small and medium sized private Canadian companies that have an employee ownership program.
  7. Access to an ESOP expert at any time.

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This engagement survey is designed to measure the attributes that impact employee engagement. CORE4ESOP® has been developed to assist ESOP companies to measure engagement within the ESOP context and provides an overview of employee perception of performance. With these perceptions clearly mapped out, issues or gaps are apparent and action plans can be designed to bridge those gaps to create a sustainable ESOP that consistently meets its objectives.

CORE4ESOP® is included in Stage 2 of the ESOP Transformation Model™️ and as part of ESOPlus® conducted at least annually. It is very versatile and customizable, meaning it can be used alone, work alongside a current engagement tool or work as a replacement employee engagement tool.

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2-3. Templates, Guides and workbooks

ESOPlus® includes the following resources to help establish the Plan Committee as an ongoing initiative for communication and education of the Plan, and integrate the Plan into recruitment, onboarding and retention activities.

Setting up the Plan Committee (Workbook)

Job Description and Posting (Templates and Guides)


What is employee ownership infographic/video
Presentation Template and Successful Start Guide
Employee Owner Roadmap infographic/video

Communication Calendar Guide

4. Administration

In every company there is going to be someone tasked with the backend administration of the Employee Share Ownership Plan. This can be done fully in house, using third party software to outsource it, or a combination of both. 

ESOPlus® offers The Administrator’s Guide for first time ESOP Administrators which outlines at least some of the details that will need to be completed and when. 

ESOP Builders partners with Global Shares to offer their third party employee share ownership administration programs. 

Emerging MarketsEnterprise
ProsCost effective – monthly fee based on usersEasy to startEmployee portal: Great visibility for employees to see their shareholdings and other information – supports transparency

Communication: Ability to upload documents to the portal

Fully managed so your time can be spent on other thingsElectronic process: Process share offerings and minimarkets in the systemEmployee portal: Great visibility for employees to see their shareholdings and other information – supports transparency

Communication: Ability to upload documents to the portal

ConsNot fully managed, so time is needed to maintain and upload the data in the platformCostly – set up fees, annual feesMore time consuming and complex to set up

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5. Workshops

The following workshop modules are designed to engage employee shareholders to start understanding what factors impact company success and the valuation of the business.

Ownership Thinking: Money Matters

Scalability Finder

Growth Potential

Market Share Analysis

Valuation Elements

6. Exclusive Data from Canadian ESOP companies

Our annual survey of private Canadian companies with employee share ownership plans is beginning in 2024. Members of ESOPlus® will be able to access the results each year.

Information that is measured includes, but is not limited to, number of employees, growth in number of employees, turnover & retention, year of ESOP launch, number of employee owners, percentage offered to employees, ESOP ownership percentage, industry, allocation methods, share attributes, and processes for recycling shares.

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