ESOP Process

How to design an ESOP

While every ESOP is custom-built and tailored to the needs of our clients, our ESOP process is always the same. We use what we call ‘The ESOP Transformation Model™️’, which is a three-step ESOP process that allows us to deliver the best available plan, catered to individual strategic objectives, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

How to create and design an ESOP in Canada

ESOP Design & Implementation Services

The key to our success is an ESOP process that involves you and your staff in the design of your Employee Share Ownership Plan.  We guide the process with our years of experience to develop a plan that fits your needs. We know that each company is unique and as such each Employee Share Ownership Plan is also unique.

To implement a plan (Stage 1 and 2 above) the ESOP process can be as quick as 12-weeks and as long as six months, depending on you. During this process we will:

  • Work with you to develop an ESOP strategy, unique to your company and that considers the various models available (equity, options, EVOP™️, EOT (Employee Ownership Trust))
  • provide you with a clear and understandable plan
  • outline and manage the implementation process of your ESOP
  • lead employee education workshops with your staff and support company communication of the ESOP roll-out
  • facilitate a business valuation
  • facilitate tax planning
  • facilitate the legal documentation required
  • support ESOP financing as required
  • develop an exit plan strategy as required
  • Provide a measurement and analysis tool, CORE4ESOP®, to support your ESOP
  • support the transition to open-book management as required

If you would like to get a sense of our work and the ESOP process, take our Free Feasibility Survey or learn about some of our clients ESOP success through our Case Studies.

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