Webinar – Introduction to Employee Ownership and Local Finance Opportunities

September 24, 2015 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Dan Ohler, Employee Ownership Specialist at ESOP Builders Inc.

Lunch and Learn Webinar: Introduction to Employee Ownership and Local Finance Opportunities

September 24th, Noon-1PM (MST)
Mobilize Community Wealth to create strong local businesses and good jobs!

“Only 1 in 4 businesses put for sale actually sell. In contrast, businesses that are transferred to existing employees have an 80% success rate. Not only that, they tend be more productive in the long term. Employee Shared Ownership Plans have proven to be an excellent way to retain employees, increase productivity and significantly improve customer service.” Perry Phillips, ESOP Builders Inc.

The Alberta Community and Co-operative Association, the Alberta Business Family Institute and ESOP Builders Inc. are working together to connect the power of local investment to the proven success of family and employee owned businesses. Within the next five years thousands of Canadian businesses owners will be retiring. We are excited to provide solutions for succession planning that help grow businesses, keep them local, and create solutions that benefit both the retiring and in-coming (new) owners!

On Thursday, September 24th at noon you are invited to join us for a one hour webinar on the role of Employee Ownership, Succession Planning, and Local Financing, to build strong local businesses.

The one-hour webinar will cover the following topics

How employees can become owners using an Employee Share Ownership and the co-operative structure
How to create a succession plan that helps owners and employees
Understand local finance options such as Opportunity Development Co-operatives
Identify available resources
“If you combine the proven model of Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs) with the build-in market of a range of investor-consumers through an Opportunity Development Cooperative (ODCs), you can have a pretty powerful combination, particularly for older business owners considering selling their business.” Paul Cabaj ACCA

This webinar is ideal for:

Business owners looking to retire
Employees interested in becoming business owners
Economic development groups
Chambers of Commerce and business associations
The lunch time webinar will be presented by Dan Ohler from ESPO Builders Inc. and Paul Cabaj, ACCA Director of Co-operative Development.

For more information Please Visit http://acca.coop/post/event/employleeownership/ or Contact:

Dan Ohler, Employee Ownership Specialist at ESOP Builders Inc., at 780-785-9479 (dan@esopbuilders.com )

Paul Cabaj, ACCA Director of Co-operative Development, Pcabaj@acca.coop