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Employee Ownership. Is It Right For You?

In our daily conversations with business owners and senior management, we receive lots of questions about employee ownership of business through an ESOP.  Most fit into two categories characterized as:

  1. How do we implement an ESOP?
  2. We’ve got an ESOP. How do we keep it fresh and alive?

There is a lot of meat in each question.  Each is extremely relevant and valuable, and in broad terms, both can be answered thus – stories.

The Power of Stories

Throughout history, stories have been used to pass information and processes from the experienced and wise gurus, to the passionate and courageous trailblazers.

Today, with our high-tech conveniences, it can be easy to “Google it” and do your research while holed-up in your office.  Yet there is nothing quite as inspiring as sitting side-by-side with the masters and hearing it directly from them.  You get to feel the emotional roller-coaster with their visions, goals, challenges, strategies, fears, solutions and successes.  This is the next best thing to experiencing it yourself.

Do you want to sit with the ESOP masters?

June 7 – 9, 2016 is your opportunity to do just that.

The ESOP Association Canada has designed the 2016 Canadian Employee Ownership Conference to allow you to hear from the masters, and have personal face-to-face connection with them.

Whether you are considering an ESOP, or are looking for ways to fast-track the success of your existing ESOP, you’ll find exactly what you need.  And early summer in Kelowna, BC is bound to result in a lot of fun.

You may have qualms, pangs, and doubts.  And being a smart business person, you may be thinking, “Will it be worth my time and money?”

Dean Ell, Director of Finance with iQmetrix, an ESOP since 2008, said this about the 2015 Canadian Employee Ownership Conference in Winnipeg. “I had several major concerns: it is the first annual; the value of the content of speakers/agenda; and how many attendees would show up.”

Dean attended and later said, “I can’t think of any venue where you could have access to that much ESOP experience in one location in Canada.  And if you had a question for one of the speakers, you could find time to chat with them during a break or even after the conference.  I felt there was something on the agenda for everyone.”Employee Ownership Conference

Dean took it a couple steps further, “I was inspired enough to join the ESOP Association of Canada, as a member of the Advisory Board, and soon thereafter joined the committee responsible for planning the 2016 Canadian ESOP Conference in Kelowna.  I also have agreed to share the iQmetrix story as one of the 2016 conference speakers. That is a big leap from “should I attend in 2015?” to being “all-in for 2016.”   I highly recommend this conference.  It covers such a broad spectrum of ESOP issues plus the networking opportunities.”

Coming back to those two broad questions at the start, or the more specific ones in your mind, what would be a good way for you to get your questions answered?

By Dan Ohler, Employee Ownership Specialist