Our Team

Perry Phillips

Perry Phillips, President & Founder, located in Ontario
Perry Phillips has over forty years of experience consulting throughout North America and Europe. He has worked with companies to enhance their ability to grow, expanding their bottom line, and engaging employees by launching Employee Share Ownership Plans in a wide variety of industries. He has authored two books on ESOPs, co-authored a guide for succession planning entitled The Ten Trillion Dollar Opportunity, and has contributed sections to the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants as well.

In addition to many television and radio appearances, Perry dedicates much of his time to speaking at special events and workshops — providing background and education to Canadian business owners and employees. Contact Perry: perry@esopbuilders.com.

Joanna Phillips, Vice President, located in Ontario

Joanna is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) and Certified Value Builder (CVB). She holds an Honours Degree in Business Management Specializing in Human Resources from Western University.

Since graduating, Joanna has worked with various companies in a wide range of industries such as healthcare, insurance, supply chain/ logistics, and marketing. She has excelled in all her roles within Human Resources and has been a trusted guide and advisor to business leaders to ensure continued success of the company. Joanna’s main areas of focus have been talent management and strategy, including succession planning.

Passionate about creating ownership and wealth on a broader level, Joanna brings a creative, modern, and focused view to EBI and our clients. She serves as a guest speaker for organizations wishing to learn about Employee Share Ownership Plans.

Joanna is currently a Director of the ESOP Association Canada (dba Employee Ownership Canada).

Contact Joanna: joanna@esopbuilders.com or 647.881.8532.

Dan Ohler

Dan Ohler, Employee Ownership Specialist, located in Alberta
Dan is a proud husband, father, life-long entrepreneur, and community-builder. For over 15 years he has been supporting corporate and community leaders across Canada to grow positive, productive teams through speaking, communication training, and coaching. He helps you discover what you really want in your company, why that’s important to you, and to determine your best steps forward.

This experience applies perfectly to his current passion as an employee ownership specialist with ESOP Builders Inc. His curiosity and coach-approach allow him to work with you to design and communicate the best plan for your company.  Volunteering is Dan’s 2nd name, in his community and elsewhere.  He is currently a Director of the ESOP Association Canada. Contact Dan: dan@esopbuilders.com or 780.785.9479.

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams, Employee Ownership Specialist, located in Ontario
Jennifer is the former CEO of La Siembra, creators of Camino, Canada’s largest Fair Trade cocoa, sugar and chocolate company. As the leader of La Siembra, a worker owned co-operative, Jennifer is experienced in building and managing in an employee-owned environment.

Jennifer is recipient of the Excellence in Corporate Responsibility Awards for her work with small-scale producers in Fair Trade, and is recognized as a leading social entrepreneur in Canada. In the fall of 2015 Jennifer joined the team of ESOP Builders Inc. to further the adoption of Employee Ownership in Small and Medium sized businesses across Canada. Contact Jennifer: jennifer@esopbuilders.com or 613.749.1425.