Our Story

ESOP specialist Canada Perry PhilipsESOP Development in Canada

In the 90s, our founder Perry Phillips was asked to value a husband and wife company in Detroit, Michigan. He learned the founders were selling their business to their employees and participated in the process by providing the business valuation. Coming back to Canada, Perry reflected on the experience. He expected some ESOP development in Canada since employee share ownership made sense.  Not only as a tool to help owners exit their business, but also to engage employees who would treat the business differently having skin in the game.

Adding to this, the U.S. had been utilizing ESOPs for more than 20 years and research showed the business benefits of the model. Perry’s professional experience and passion for the potential of ESOPs in Canada led to the founding of ESOP Builders Inc. and the formalization of the services that he loves to provide.

Building a Team of ESOP Specialists

With Perry at the helm, ESOP Builders Inc. has thrived, becoming the No. 1 provider of ESOPs for small and medium sized businesses in Canada.

As ESOP consultants, we’re pleased to be in the business of empowering Canadian business owners and engaging their employees in ownership. We know that ESOPs have a positive impact on not only the economy, but society too. We share Perry’s passion for our work and that’s why we’re the best in the country at what we do. Learn more about Our Process to design and implement ESOPs.

When you engage the ESOP Builders team, you can gain insight on:

  • ESOP strategy, design and implementation plan
  • Employee ESOP communication and workshops
  • Business valuation
  • Tax planning – personal and corporate
  • ESOP Financing
  • Exit planning
  • Employee Ownership culture

Our goal is to provide the best and most unique and effective approach to ESOP design and implementation that caters to each and every nuance and detail of our clients, their companies, and their workforce.

If you have questions, would like to learn more or would like to initiate a formal assessment with an ESOP consultant, please contact a member of our team.