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    How Does a Management Buyout Relate to an ESOP?

    A “management buyout” is a buzz phrase currently used in many business discussions, and for good reason. The greatest generation of entrepreneurs in Canadian history will retire within the next 10 to 15 years, and these men and women are looking for a way to exit their companies in a way that meets their needs.  Not only do they want to leave with an abundance of retirement funds, they also want to leave a legacy.  They want to ensure the business they built and nurtured will thrive and continue to support the employees and enhance the community.

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    Postal Strike Looming – Is There a Better Way?

    Admittedly, the business of Canada Post has changed dramatically in recent years, which is contributing to the looming postal strike. Moving away from paper-based communication and transactions has slowed the flow of business to Canada’s Postal Service. As consumers we have seen increased rates and cancelled home delivery as two public facing ways the public corporation has tried to make its business model make sense.