Ownership Thinking

Creating an ESOP will enable your staff to think and behave like owners of your company. Most employees have never been business owners. To help with this transition we offer Ownership Thinking training to get all your employees thinking and working like owners. You can choose to undergo this work before, or after implementing your ESOP.

Companies practicing Ownership Thinking have a 200% improved retention rate.

There are four components of Ownership Thinking (OT):

  • The Right People: OT creates an environment that promotes learning and development, while at the same time increasing visibility and accountability.
  • The Right Education: Employees are taught the fundamentals of business and finance, so that they are better equipped to make decisions that are financially sound.
  • The Right Measures: Rather than focussing only on lagging financial measures, an emphasis is placed on identifying the most critical leading, activity based measures (Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs), and utilizing those KPIs to forecast results on a regular, formal basis.
  • The Right Incentives: The process of employee education and focussing on the right measures in an environment of high visibility and accountability will increase your organization’s profitability – guaranteed.


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