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Employee Share Ownership Plans

ESOPs enable employees to purchase shares in their employer’s company and benefit from long-term business growth, while incenting commitment to the company.

As invested stakeholders, employees will take on more responsibility and commitment and treat your company as their own—greatly benefiting culture, output, and profitability.

ESOPs also present the opportunity for owners to plan their succession in such a way that preserves legacy, lays the foundation for sustained success, and establishes retirement security.

We call it a win-win.

Why implement an ESOP?

  • retain top talent and enhance employee buy-in
  • attract skilled new recruits
  • raise equity capital
  • create a succession plan

Did You Know? Some of Canada’s largest and most respected brands have employee share ownership plans including Westjet, PCL Construction, Hatch, Golder Associates and the Flynn Group.

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